Review 1473 : Veilburner – VLBRNR – English

Beware of Veilburner.

Formed in 2014 in the United States, the duo consisting of Mephisto Deleterio (instruments) and Chrisom Infernium (vocals, Pyrrhic Salvation, Torture Ascendancy 1307, Humanity Decayed) announced the release of VLBRNR, their sixth album, in 2022 through Transcending Obscurity Records

The album follows the recipe created and cultivated by the band throughout their discography, consisting of an oppressive and dark sound that chaotically navigates between Death and Black Metal to crush us with its dissonance. We find the mysterious aspect since VI (Vulgar Incantations), the first track, which will reveal strange harmonics before raw strength starts, controlled by the blast and the screams, but also terrifying choirs coupled with mysterious effects while Envexomous Hex also offers us more epic tones to accompany the massive rage deployed by the band. Interim Oblivion leaves us a short moment of respite before progressively reviving its infernal machine with throbbing riffs which drive us to Lo! Heirs to the Serpent and its more straightforward Old School influences which perfectly combine with the experimental patterns of the band before Burning the Veil comes to wrap us with its melancholic darkness which will last even when the instrumental is aggressive. The near-absence of vocals makes the track quite accessible, but the ungodly screams will come back to haunt Unorthodoxagon and its catchy riffs infused with groovy Death’n’Roll and raw Black Metal, then Repulsed by the Light comes again to offer us a moment of floating with soaring melodies from which vocal parts easily emerge. The alliance of the soft elements with vocals makes the mix quite heady while keeping the dark part while None so Hideous releases the most straightforward and aggressive riffs possible while taking advantage of a high tempo to place jerky patterns. Surprising leads full of effects also come in the wave of power that will give way to Exhibitionism in Limbo, a short and soothing composition which gives way to soaring sounds, and then to Ruin, the long and devastating last track which lets a crushing and martial sound mix with vomitous and unhealthy vocal parts to close the album.

VLBRNR is a true experiment in chaos. If Veilburner is known for building a chaotic and dissonant sound, this new album follows their principles to the letter, and takes us into the abysmal depths of Black/Death Metal before allowing us to breathe again.


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