Review 1477 : Lightlorn – These Nameless Worlds – English

Lightlorn announces the release of their first EP.

Born in Sweden in 2021, the band formed by Renwar (instruments/vocals) and Riaan (drums/samples) released their first track in August 2022, followed by These Nameless Worlds, later that year.

Unmapped Constellations is the first track to shroud us in its heavy atmosphere before letting an icy and aggressive sound strike us. Raw riffs coupled with terrifying vocals are perfect to create a contrast with the softer and melancholic parts which come to pace the composition before Through the Cold Black Yonder comes to amaze us with majestic and soaring tones. We’ll still find aggressiveness via a solid rhythmic, but the band comesonce again to break it with piano and soothing touches before temporarily reviving it, then Dilation Sleep comes to flood us with its soft sounds. Vocals are scarcer, but their interventions on epic riffs give to this piercing but melodious sound a whole other taste, even allowing some lyrics in clean voice before the tornado starts again, to finally give way to Stargazing and its atmospheric tones. Saturation will of course resurface on this long track, accompanying and magnifying the quietness developed by the duo until this abrasive and intense final.

With this first EP, Lightlorn lays the foundations of its contrasted style between softness and rage, letting the two faces express themselves and mix as they wish. These Nameless Worlds is recommended to all lovers of musical duality.


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