Review 1508 : Shining Wizard – Tournament Of Death – English

Shining Wizard seems ready to fight again!

Created in 2020 in the United States, the band unites Ultimo Rangoon (vocals), El Amigo de le Muerte (guitar), El Hijo de Triple Cero (bass) and Chef Death (drums) between wrestling, Grindcore and Punk Rock. Tournament Of Death, their second EP released by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, closes the year 2022.

We start with the groovy Gutwrench which is the perfect example of catchy riffs the band infuses with a grimy and aggressive mix. On the vocals side, we find this wild touch which perfectly fits the Grind side, but also with the playful base which lets sample end the track before Exalted takes over with sharp Crossover accents. The energetic basis and the frantic riffs perfectly blend to create a driving sound, as does the heavy Deadly Flower which doesn’t go easy on us by creating an as fast as jerky wave of aggression. The very short Devil in the Mirror follows with an unhealthy sound with dark Death Metal influences without forgetting the uncontrollable energy which leads us to the lively Bossman Killer and its explosive riffs. But again, the track doesn’t last long, and Dying On A Razor’s Edge quickly takes over to close the EP without forgetting to make us shake our heads with its cheerful Punk roots.

Shining Wizard brings together two styles with similar roots to create explosive and perky riffs. If you want to shake your head, listen to Tournament Of Death without question.


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