Review 1517 : Born A Ghost – Stairway To An Empty Room – English

Born A Ghost moves forward.

Although formed in 2011 in the United States, the band consisting of Howard Taylor Jolin (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Craig Hathaway (drums/keyboards then guitar/keyboards), Sergio Vasquez (bass) and Latoya Forks (drums) did not release their first EP until 2020. The debut album followed in 2021, then the band announced the release of Stairway to an Empty Room, their new EP, in 2023.

The mysterious tones of 43 gradually invade the atmosphere before saturation and deep screams crush us all at once. The track’s slowness combined with ghostly tones and the eerie break strengthen massive riffs which fall upon us without warning before disappearing again to let Halls of Disrepair surround us with its darkness and melancholy. Jerky elements mix with dissonant leads in this haunting march accompanied by raw screams, followed by few soft notes to introduce Stairway To An Empty Room, the eponymous track, then by its heavy oppression. Leads bring again a lighter touch to this wave of heaviness, as do the few words in clean vocals which lead us to When The Last Light Fades, the last track, and its ominous tones mixed with abrasive darkness. The mammoth quietness will only be disturbed by the few breaks and psychedelic sounds, which will also remain silent to let silence reign.

Born A Ghost has given life to its EP cover. Stairway To An Empty Room is strange, chaotic, dark, but nevertheless the sound remains heady, precise and worked, creating a singular and intriguing universe.


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