Review 1569 : Dead Sun – Soul Diseased – English

Dead Sun strikes again.

Created in Sweden in 1996 by Rogga Johansson (vocals/guitar/bass/keyboards, Paganizer, Massacre, Echelon, Furnace, Megascavenger, Grisly, Necrogod, Putrevore, Revolting…), the band recruited Jon Rudin (drums, Just Before Dawn, Pale King, Heads for the Dead, ex-Wombbath…) and released Death Metal albums. Soul Diseased, the eighth one, is announced for 2023 by Xtreem Music.

The album starts with Sjuk Själ, a catchy track that immediately puts sharp but melodic leads in the foreground, sometimes replaced by fierce vocals, perfectly matching the heady basis. We think the track is over, but it starts again with a last wave, then it leads us to Deeper Down, a rather raw composition which couples jerky riffs with quieter parts and diverse influences, then Sand and Rot places mysterious tones and epic leads before letting the rhythmic hit us. The dark atmosphere calms down with the arrival of Carved to the Bones and its enchanting keyboards, but it becomes heavier again when vocals join the warlike riffs, completed by a solid base. Disturbing choirs guide us to the energetic The Shape from Out the Shadows and its aggressive rhythmic which will only calm down to let leads bewitch us just like on the majestic Mausoleum Melodies and its impressive keyboards which sometimes let a more raw rhythmic express itself in company of vocals. Tid För Jakt goes back to the disturbing sounds surmounted by furious leads, then also with wild accelerations before Soul Disease offers us simple but efficient riffs. The leads give relief to the composition, which is followed by Stashed Away and its extremely effective icy melodies, then Premature Burial comes to close the album with mysterious riffs without forgetting the band’s aggressive and raw approach.

Dead Sun‘s Swedish roots speak for themselves on Soul Diseased, a simple album to listen and enjoy. Don’t expect any experimentation here, but rather effective Old School Death Metal elements.


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