Review 1593 : ACOD – Cryptic Curse – English

AcoD is already back with a new EP.

Only a few months after the release of their fifth album, Fred (vocals) and Jérôme (bass/composition, Celestia, Mortifera), helped by Raph (drums, ex-Stone Horns), announce the release of Cryptic Curse on Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions.

With only three tracks, that is to say hardly more than a quarter of an hour, the band intends to continue on the path of Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond, their last album to date. It immediately becomes obvious on The Hourglass Slave, the first track, which skillfully couples epic and heavy orchestrations with an efficient and jerky rhythmic and with the vocalist’s raw screams. The sharp melodies strengthen the catchy choruses, letting choruses to the unbridled violence while slowing down to let the break and the ominous sample mesmerize us before striking again leading us to The Mask of Fate and its dark groove completed by dissonant leads. The Black/Thrash roots are also very present in the heavy parts where the atmosphere becomes heavier while giving a place to the melodious tones as on this bass solo which contrasts with the raw riffs before the atmosphere darkens again on Cryptic Curse, the last of the three tracks, which will place haunting riffs the band wonderfully combines with melancholic sounds without forgetting blast and sharp speed, feeding again a powerful contrast. The impressive break will finally let rage burst one last time, before slowly fading away.

With Cryptic Curse, AcoD wants to continue its ascent. Those who liked the previous album will continue to love the band, and those who missed it can discover their universe made of majestic sounds combined with a raw visceral rage.


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