Review 1617 : Fange – Privation – English

Fange is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Created in 2013 in France, the band will quickly produce its own releases on the label Throatruiner. Focused on a mix of Sludge, Death Metal and Chaotic Hardcore, that Matthias Jungbluth (vocals), Benjamin Moreau (guitar/vocals), Antoine Perron (bass/vocals) and Titouan le Gal (guitar/vocals, Acedia Mundi, Epectase, ex-Filthcult, ex-Etxegiña) announce the release of Privation, their fifth album, in 2023.

À La Racine, the first track, immediately places us in a deafening curtain of dissonance, followed by raw screams and cold groove, then by a stunning massive rhythmic. Airy additions contrast to soften the mix with disturbing but intriguing and sometimes surprisingly melodic Industrial influences, then Sang-Vinaigre comes to wrap us in its worrying melancholy along with dark vocal parts. The heavy rhythmic perfectly fits with the heavy atmosphere, just like the vocalist’s last words, then Les Crocs Limés will reveal its madness and its aggressive rage via crushing automatic patterns. Some softer parts come to punctuate the waves of abrasive sounds while strengthening their impact and slowly hypnotizing us before the next track, Né Pour Trahir, unveils its haunting riffs. At first quite calm, they get heavier and become suffocating with vocals elements, which also welcomes Cindy Sanchez (Lisieux, Candélabre) for an as intense as complementary duet before Enfers Inoculés comes back to devastating and extremely powerful Industrial sounds. The airy break also remains very rhythmed and dark, and even if the clean voice guides us until the song’s last moments, the massive rhythmic sweeps us without any difficulty, just like Portes D’Ivoire where the band welcomes Cédric Toufouti (Hangman’s Chair) to contrast an already extremely heavy sound with a touch of softness, which is found in the airy sonorities. The contrast will end with Extreme-Onction, the last track, which immediately announces itself as the most unhealthy of the album, and which will quickly keep its promises by burying us under a mountain of distortion and virulent screams.

With Fange, we should always expect the unexpected, but also a dark and dull madness, punctuated by raw screams. Privation is no exception to the rule, adding seizing and crushing tracks to an already rich discography for the band’s tenth anniversary.


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