Review 1620 : Depraved Murder – Unethical Terrestrial Collapse – English

Depraved Murder shakes Indonesia with its third album.

Since 2011, the band created by Ogy (vocals/guitar/bass, Departed, Grudgegrind) and completed by Rama Maulana (drums, Anthropophagus Depravity, Gerogot, Invigorate…) has been playing Old School Brutal Death Metal, releasing in 2023 Unethical Terrestrial Collapse, on Comatose Music.

When you’re about to begin the album, you should immediately brace yourself for an onslaught of raw, crushing violence, as Entering Into Calamity will quickly come to strike with a greasy sound. As soon as the introduction is over, the duo will put all their skills of brutality in jerky and complex patterns, creating a real vortex of hate with Old School influences, followed by the equally aggressive The Anguish of Dystopian which combines speed with a thick and extreme mix, also bringing out that characteristic snare drum sound. The sharp leads are perfectly integrated to the surge and to the thick screams as on False Adoration which will put forward the riffs’ technical aspect while keeping a foolproof efficiency, blast walls and double kick rolls. Mass Murder Existence will follow with the same aggressive and catchy mix of bloody Death Metal while diversifying the patterns to make the track a block of efficiency just like Unmanifest Void which will multiply accelerations and screaming harmonics while letting the two musicians crush us under their sticky mix. We will also notice the catchy moshpart towards the end before The Pinnacle of Vile Conceit allows us a very short moment of respite under a flood of dissonance, which will revive heavy patterns, but also the piercing leads. Relentless Brutality, the shortest track, drowns us with a continuous stream of aggression at a very constant rhythm with jerky patterns before letting Unethical Terrestrial Collapse, the eponymous track, bury us under stunning moshparts, followed by Apocryphal Hymns, the last song, combining dissonance and heavy ambience with a vivid brutality.

Depraved Murder’s riffs directly come from Brutal Death’s deep roots, and the band also kept that characteristic mix, drawing a difference from the other styles. Unethical Terrestrial Collapse comes straight from the 90’s and strikes anyone approaching.


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