Review 1622 : Eisenkult – Vulgäre, deutsche Hassmusik – English

Eisenkult announces its third album.

After a first album released in 2020, the band composed today of Baptist (guitar/bass/keyboards/vocals, Mavorim, Atronos), Valfor (drums, Asenheim, Mavorim, Totenwache) and Tiwaz (vocals, Asenheim) has been steadily progressing, announcing the release of Vulgäre, deutsche Hassmusik, on Purity Through Fire.

The album starts with Anrufung and its majestic introduction, which finally becomes quite disturbing when the German choirs appear. The mystical atmosphere will be broken by Der Teufel hat’s gesandt which brings its wild and aggressive touch, whether it is in the riffs or the raw screams which can be threatening or more piercing before letting some softer elements appear. The drums soon resurface before inviting again saturated riffs, easily mixing with the driving sounds, then with clean vocals, finally letting violence lead us to Bizarr und erbärmlich and its chilling Old School Black Metal influences. The band adds quieter and more heady touches to their unbridled rage again, before returning to the more abrasive tones via jerky, almost groovy patterns to create a surprising mix before Das ist nichts reveals a more accessible and airy sound, quickly coupled with massive blast and energetic elements. Keyboards feed the airy atmosphere contrasting with the solid riffs and vocals, followed by Tränensäufer, a rather disturbing warlike composition which places soft sounds in this flood of violence and dissonance again. Wer schlug deinen Abel tot briefly allows us to breathe with its introductory laughter, then the dark rhythmic pattern resurfaces, accompanied by ominous ambient sounds and visceral screams to hit us before giving way to the short and frantic Te Deum, the most straightforward composition on this album. The abrasive Old School roots leave little room for melodies before the Thrash-influenced final, then Niederes Gewürm returns to dark but playful Folk influences. The track lets the two aspects of the band’s music cohabit in perfect harmony, whether with clean or saturated vocals, then the atmosphere gets heavier again with Gnadenwille, the last track, place an aggressive basis with atmospheric riffs which will turn into majestic parts in the company of keyboards, before calling on fury one last time to close the album.

Between rage and majestic quietness, Eisenkult presents a very contrasted universe which allows everyone to find something enjoyable. By mixing Old School and soaring tones, Vulgäre, deutsche Hassmusik certifies a unique sound.


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