Review 1623 : Embryo – A Vivid Shade on Misery – English

Do you know Embryo?

Created in 2000 in Italy, the band led by Eugenio Sambasile (guitar) and Roberto Pasolini (vocals), completed by Simone Solla (keyboards), Gabriel Pignata (bass, ex-Destrage, ex-Node, ex-Arkenemy) and George Kollias (drums, Nile, Enmity, ex-Contrarian, ex-Nightfall, ex-Cerebrum) announces the release of A Vivid Shade on Misery, its fifth album, on Rockshots Records.

The Pride, the first track, immediately carries us away in a groovy and sharp wave on fast tempo before being joined by massive and aggressive vocal parts. The constant and catchy rhythmic also places some airy keyboards to accompany jerky riffs just like on Highest Fame and its epic tones, revealing raging vocals. Rage seems to be omnipresent on this track which will undoubtedly serve the band to make the crowd go wild, and we will have it again accompanied by Old School patterns on Darkest Light, a track which borrows from the Swedish Death Melodic scene as much as from the band’s more modern influences. Keyboards slightly calm down the rhythmic before it speeds up again on The Seed of Lividity and its cold Industrial hints, quickly tinted with soaring and very luminous tonalities. We will also find this heady atmosphere on MMDC, completed by heavy and oppressive vocals which sometimes turn into wild screams, but also by a powerful drumming. The majestic sound leads us to Medusa, a very rhythmic track which also lets disturbing dissonance integrate with efficient riffs and the two complementary voices, then Vanitas will bring back mysterious tones with the help of melodious harmonics, without ever leaving heavy rhythmic and screams aside. The album ends with Concrete Visionary which injects Thrash influences into the band’s basis, easily mixing raw energy and impressive atmosphere on a violence background.

With Embryo, you are sure to face effective riffs. Sometimes groovy, soaring or very energetic, A Vivid Shade on Misery quickly puts us in the middle of an enjoyable flow of aggressive sounds.


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