Video Premiere: Perracide – Horripilation

After a fair amount of anticipation, PERRACIDE, the solo project by respected Death Metal veteran drummer Per Karlsson, is finally releasing its first song. “Horripilation” is a tune encompassing exactly what you’d expect from the musician that graced several lineups of extreme metal bands, including Nominon, Nasum, Nifelheim, Benediction, Deströyer 666 and Thorium, to name just a few.

Photo credits: Paula Hirseland

With a lineup that includes Perra on the drums, Gord Olson (AngelBlast, Darkened) on vocals and guitars, a solo guitar by Jacob Björnfot (The Duskfall, Kvaen) and the Hardcore/Speed/Thrash Swedish band Kazjurol doing backing riot vocals, “Horripilation” has enough Old-School Death Metal DNA to throw you in a violence spree and make you believe it’s 1989 again.

Perracide’s debut album will be released this Summer.

Perracide – drums
Gord Olson – guitar, bass, vocals
Jacob Björnfot – guitar
Kazjurol – backing riot vocals

Digital single:


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