Review 1655 : Lurk – Aegis – English

New fat block for Lurk.

Formed in 2008, the band consisting of K. Koskinen (vocals), A. Pulkkinen (guitar/keyboards), K. Nurmi (drums) and E. Nurmi (bass) announce the release of Aegis, their fourth album, on Transcending Obscurity Records.

Ashlands, the first track, immediately places a throbbing rhythmic underneath raw vocals, creating a steady flow of abrasive heaviness, sometimes complemented by intense screaming choirs. A few more melancholic leads join the heavy basis, then Shepherd’s Ravine unveils ominous tones before saturation slowly and progressively settles in these waves of heaviness while taking a significant place. Screams coupled with softer sounds create an interesting contrast, as does the ghostly bass before Infidel lets this dark quietness take the atmosphere over. The sound patiently crawls up to these airy keyboards which place soft touches in the oppressive march, finally leading us to Hauta, a track in which muffled and cavernous screams live in harmony with the occult and unhealthy riffs. The echo feeds this feeling of suffocation, which won’t totally disappear with Blood Surge, the next track, which will progressively strengthen until it integrates a crushing double kick and dissonant elements to make us suffocate while screams continue to nail us to the ground. The album continues with Kehto, a short composition which truly sounds soothing and majestic, letting percussions appear in the background, before The Blooming closes it out by incorporating unhealthy Black/Sludge influences and massive vocal parts to make sure to suffocate us until the last note fades into nothingness.

Lurk‘s heavy atmosphere is constantly fueled by slow and dark riffs, but also by those rocky and unhealthy vocals, making Aegis the perfect companion for all fans of musical oppression.


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