Review 1662 : Ossaert – Offerdier – English

Ossaert announces their new EP.

After two albums in 2020 and 2022, the Dutch project led by P. (all instruments/vocals, Shagor, Weerzin) announces the release of Offerdier on Argento Records.

De Lichtkrans en de Waan immediately attacks with piercing melodies under a hazy and dark basis with an Old School mix, before welcoming visceral screams. The sound becomes more raw and energetic as some jerky patterns appear, creating dissonance with the heady and majestic leads, but the wave of continuous rage resurfaces, even letting plaintive clean vocals accompany us on the last part of the track, which leads us to Ritueel I. As the name suggests, the composition reveals soaring mystical sounds with muffled medieval influences, followed by Ritueel II, a similar but more solemn track which couples quietness with ominous and rather dark keyboards. The slow progression will eventually let saturation resurface on Het Geschenk en het Bestaan, the last composition, revealing a veil of haunting sounds on which heavy screams appear from time to time. The track’s slowness is finally broken into a warlike march, before majestic choirs make it slow down again and finally sink into nothingness.

Ossaert unveils an incredibly melodic and intense sound with this new EP. However, Offerdier remains very short, offering two deep tracks interspersed with these two soaring interludes, accentuating the sound’s ritualistic aspect.


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