Review 1666 : Tribulation – Hamartia – English

New EP for Tribulation!

Created in 2001 under the name of Hazard, the band changed its name in 2004, and progressively moved from Death Metal to Gothic/Progressive Metal. In 2023, Johannes Andersson (bass/vocals), Adam Zaars (guitar), Oscar Leander (drums, ex-Deathstars) and their new recruit Joseph Tholl (guitar, Merciless, Tyrann, ex-Enforcer) announced the release of Hamartia on Century Media.

The EP opens with Hamartia, the eponymous track which has already been well known to fans for a few months and which has been perfectly integrated into the band’s live setlists, combining raw and aggressive vocals with as complex and intriguing as are mastered riffs. The mysterious and dark sound remains very soaring, coupling dissonant harmonics and fascinating Gothic atmosphere before giving way to Axis Mundi, a slightly softer and more appeasing composition. The rhythmic basis doesn’t hesitate to ignite from time to time, letting guitars offer epic duels of crazy and polished leads in this strange atmosphere, leading to Hemoclysm and its enchanting introduction. Soothing tones meet the band’s abrasive elements, skillfully mixing both in an unhealthy and heavy, but also quite haunting dance, taking advantage of its slowness to guide us to Vengeance (The Pact), the last track, which is a Blue Öyster Cult cover. Unsurprisingly, the band’s style perfectly fits, letting the different voices meet and overlap to give the necessary mystical touch to the Hard Rock roots to close the EP.

Tribulation has always been a band apart. Combining Gothic aesthetics, diverse influences ranging from Psychedelic Rock to Black Metal, and a mad creative force, the band fascinates and intrigues. Hamartia, their new piece, will be no exception.


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