Review 1697 : Brand of Sacrifice – Between Death and Dreams – English

Brand of Sacrifice is back!

Between Deathcore and technicality, the Canadian band composed of Kyle Anderson (vocals), Michael Leo Valeri (guitar), Liam Beeson (guitar), Dallas Bricker (bass), and Rob Zalischi (drums) announces the release of Between Death and Dreams, its new EP.

Aggressive Electro sounds present Blinded, a heavy and groovy track which doesn’t hesitate to place jerky riffs under massive full speed screams to strengthen the energetic moshparts. Saturation perfectly melts with modern and explosive sounds, then Exodus comes to trap us in a cage of disturbing darkness before releasing its extreme aggressiveness via sometimes complex and worked patterns. Old school Blasts and catchy keyboards blend strangely well, creating a heady contrast between all the band’s influences, letting some softer choruses join screams by leading us to Dynasty and its strong Industrial influences. The crushing rhythmic welcomes the different vocal parts and other disturbing cybernetic additions, making effective riffs real waves of power, before letting us be annihilated by monstrous break, then the band unveils a more accessible sound on Between Death and Dreams, the eponymous track. We’ll obviously find Deathcore’s wild and massive parts, but the band also offers softer riffs, and airy ambient parts whcih strengthen again the contrast by making it catchy until the very last moment.

Brand of Sacrifice exploits with Between Death and Dreams more ambient and heady Industrial sounds, contrasting their aggressive and complex Deathcore’s virulence. The band evolves, and has clearly found its touch.


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