Review 1720 : Graveworm – Killing Innocence – English

Here comes Graveworm’s comeback.

Created in 1992 in Italy, the band composed of Stefan Fiori (vocals, Dragonbreed), Stefan Unterpertinger (guitar), Eric Righi (guitar), Florian Reiner (bass, Ontborg) and Moe Harringer (drums, Mammon) announces after eight years of silence the release of Killing Innocence, their tenth album, on AFM Records.

The album starts with Escorting the Soul and its melancholic introduction welcoming thick riffs between Black, Death and Gothic Metal, creating a heavy atmosphere. Screams perfectly fit this solid mix as well as the impressive orchestrations, which we also found on the martial We Are The Resistance, a rather haunting track which multiplies melodious elements to create a contrast with a catchy rhythmic. Wicked Mind, the next track, will offer more aggressive Old School elements, letting blast answer to jerky riffs and massive screams while keeping ominous keyboards before If The World Shut Down wraps us in its darkness. Although very raw, the sound is almost soothing, but it will get stronger when drums speed up, then the band introduces us their impressive and theatrical sounds again with Dead Words, a composition letting the heavier elements suffocate us before placing some heady melodies in the background while developing the haunting and moody approach. Screams echo in our minds until Where Agony Prevails brings the visceral, unbridled violence back, while occasionally shading it with airy leads and majestic keyboards. Gothic roots are in the spotlight on A Nameless Grave, one of the simplest but extremely catchy tracks, complemented by the band’s melancholic elements which come to life between aggressive riffs, then the sound calms down to let End Of Time bewitch us with a soft introduction. Quietness will ignite with the appearance of saturation, but even if violence comes next to it, the general atmosphere will remain rather heavy until Wrath Of Gods comes to place its epic tonalities at full speed. Orchestrations perfectly play their role in this devastating charge, guiding fast and efficient riffs through a tornado of double kick governed by the massive vocal parts, then the equally impressive In Honour Of The Fallen comes to close the album with dark but aggressive sounds, which sometimes let melodious leads bring a more airy touch to the heavy basis.

For those who don’t know them yet, Graveworm are masters in the art of mixing melancholy and raw strength. The long-awaited Killing Innocence meets all our expectations, whether it is about quietness, intensity or rage.


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