Review 1727 : Vomitheist – NekroFvneral – English

Vomitheist announces their first album.

Ten years after its creation, the Swiss band composed of Gubler (bass/vocals), Wöhrle (drums) and Yänä (guitar, All Life Ends) announces the release of NekroFvneral on Transcending Obscurity Records.

Strangled by Entrails, the first track, immediately reveals a very catchy raw sound in which wild screams are perfectly integrated, letting groovy riffs spit their strength. Old School roots are perfectly exploited in these energetic patterns, while Epidemic Disembowelment first places slow, haunting tones before finally launching the assault with more aggressive riffs. We also have this lively approach on Horrific Bloodshed, a rather short track which also places scathing harmonics in heaviest parts, then on Morbid Decomposition and its rage tempered by jerky riffs. The sound remains as grimy and effective as ever, just like on Putrefaktor, which is sure to make you shake your head while drums stomp you, supported by relatively slow riffs. The band speeds up with Symbiotic Putrefaction while staying in this killer range of thick saturation and driving accelerations, but also some bloody leads, which will only stop to let Chapel of Abhorrent Reek and Festering Slime give us a short and worrying moment of respite. Once the sample is over, Tormenting Fungal Infestation strikes with impressive riffs covered with this oppressive and rocky saturation, making accelerations real waves of raw strength contrasting with the heavier and more moderate parts. The few heady leads give this compact mass some relief before Gut Asphyxiation offers efficient riffs at full speed before making them slow down to create a rather catchy final part, which leads us to NekroFvneral, the eponymous track. Short and fast, it will offer a hostile Death Metal with Grindcore roots before Carnivorous Cult comes to put a more than ten minutes final point of the band’s Death Metal shades, between violent eruptions, vicious leads and catchy patterns, followed by this crushing final.

Vomitheist plays an extremely catchy Old School Death Metal which knows how to go from a haunting slowness to explosions of raw violence in no time. If you are not afraid of dirty and heavy saturation, NekroFvneral is for you!


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