Review 1748 : Minas Morgul – Nebelung – English

Minas Morgul is still going strong.

After more than twenty-five years of existence, the German band led by Berserk (drums) and Saule (guitar), completed by Alboîn (bass/keyboards, Eïs, ex-Enid…) and Stef (vocals, ex-Jörmungand, live for Finsterforst) announces the release of Nebelung, its eighth album, on Trollzorn Records.

Beginn, the first track, slowly lays the foundations for the band’s Pagan influences, which become increasingly melancholy before Nebelung brings in its sharp, aggressive Black Metal roots. Vocal parts join the wave of gripping, sometimes haunting darkness to give it epic tones, particularly on the final where screams and clean vocals cohabit, leading us to Trümmer, a longer, heavier composition at first sight. It doesn’t take long for the band to give the dissonant leads some more raw, aggressive elements, while keeping the airy approach to increase the contrast, before setting it ablaze and finally letting Ritual use the most Old School sounds. An anguished sample breaks dark rage up before bringing it back to life, led by savage howls, but the band nevertheless saves room for a few heady choruses before a catchy final, followed by Inter Stellas and its airy melodies, framed by waves of intense, visceral darkness. The atmosphere remains just as heavy with these majestic keyboards, strengthening both softer and more massive parts, just as on Morast, which carries us away with its charge of impressive warlike influences, only slowing down to suffocate us with its cloudy harmonics. Leads once again offer piercing tones which perfectly fit the energetic rhythm before breaking on Wolfskind and its introductive sample which briefly allows us to breathe before letting the rhythm carry us away in its flood of as hazy as catchy sounds. Aufbruch follows with a gentle clean-sounding introduction, but saturation resurfaces with motivating sounds and solid vocal parts which become unifying on the chorus, then Lethargie develops as heavy as desperate tones to close the album with an anguished, oppressive melodic touch which locks our mind in until the very last moment.

Minas Morgul‘s sound is evolving, but they remain true to their Old School Pagan roots, sometimes incorporating heavy melodies on Nebelung which still fit in with the band’s epic approach. A must for fans of the dark arts.


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