Review 1754 : Miasmes – Repugnance – English

Miasmes signs its first album.

Created in France in 2021 by K. (guitar, Mhorn, Inward), G. (bass/vocals, Mhorn, ex-Impureza, ex-Ritualization, ex-Seth) and C. (drums), the trio signed with Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions for the release of a first EP, followed in 2023 by Repugnance.

The band’s approach remains generally very Old School, as evidenced by their fast-paced riffs and vindictive howls, reminiscent of energetic inspirations a la Marduk. While the sound remains raw and borrows from unhealthy Black Metal’s Punk roots, there’s a certain misanthropy in the French lyrics, which obviously fits in well with the aggressive dynamics of the rhythmic. The duo also introduce some slower tones on Délivrance, which turn into heady, dissonant passages on the cold Prophétie, but there’s still a willingness to return to raw riffs, even including a screaming solo on Calvaire and its obvious Thrash influences. The band keeps its fast abrasive tones on Peste, which takes advantage of its massive vocal placements to develop a catchy contrast, as on Repulsion, a fairly rhythmic composition alternating blast, double kick and calmer but equally dark parts. The more melodic influences begin to appear before the end of the track, leaving Malemort to annihilate them to present another aggressive but catchy track that lets all the band’s rage out before returning to suffocating tones on Aversion. Although quite similar to the previous track, this composition leaves us no moment to breathe, either on riffs or lyrics, letting dissonance answer to fury before the band once again deploys the metallic tones of the bass on Destructeurs, which draws on the two musicians’ wildest roots at every turn. To close the album, the band lets Pestilence take a rather catchy, relatively groovy Black’n’Roll approach while remaining raw and dark, exposing us once again to a contrasting but perfectly managed sound which will let the final part crush us.

With its wild and catchy Old School approach, Miasmes develops Black Metal’s most unhealthy and aggressive roots, making Repugnance‘s forty minutes a journey into darkness and grime.


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