Video Premiere: Perracide – Silence The World

After announcing its new project PERRACIDE and its debut album “Underdog”, Perra Karlsson is now back with his friends and a brand new song. The track will also be released as a promotional video.

Photo credits: Paula Hirseland

“Silence The World” has that commanding, authoritative riffing that is the footprint of the Swedish underground scene, plus a few extras. One of them is the fact that Perra himself takes the lead vocalist role in it – the only track in the album where this happens. The second one is Hempa Brynolsson (guitar player in Darkened, AngelBlast, and Ordo Infernus, ex-Excruciate) handling some non-usual (on this album) keys and piano to add an extra layer to the song. The third one is Simon Wizén (bassist in Nominon and guitarist/vocalist in Valkyrja and Die Hard, ex-Ondskapt) handling bass, guitars, and backing vocals and given free rein in the compositional department, alongside Perra himself. All this makes “Silence The World” one of the most interesting tracks on “Underdog” – one that adds extra dramatic feeling and darkness to the record and which sets Perracide as one of the most interesting things to happen to extreme metal this year.

« Lyrically Silence the world is about telling all the people I hate to go fuck themselves, at least that’s the short version”, Perra Karlsson comments about the song. “If you dare to dig deeper, the lyrics are extremely personal to me as an individual. It actually took me half a century to reach this spot, and it has been a wild and almost inhuman ride, with tons of health issues and "You will never make it!" along the way”.

“Thanks to all my brothers and sisters of Metal around the globe that I have recorded and performed music with the last couple of decades; You know who you are, and you all kick ass the whole lot of ya’s – And yes, you better believe it; WE ARE PACK! »

« You have all been so damn supportive and sometimes pushed me (almost too hard) through the rough times, but hey, no one ever said brotherhood is easy. To give up wasn’t really an option, so to speak. Now I can actually say that it felt good to grow a pair and tell the rest of the world, who wasn’t supporting me, to FUCK OFF! Even though it often led to conflicts and watching the enemies lining up ready to punch the shit out of me at times. Fight fire with fire. Don’t fear the ones who think they’re better than you, spit in their faces and make them envy you. There’s no surrender when you’re aiming for the top, right?”, he concludes.

“Underdog” will be released on CD, LP (180gr black vinyl, limited to 300) and digital formats via Emanzipation Productions on June 23rd, 2023.

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