Review 1763 : Aran Angmar – Atavism & Dying Stars – English

Aran Angmar is back.

After a debut album in 2021, the international band led by Lord Abagor (vocals, Evil Oath, Saille, ex-DunkelNacht) and Maahes (guitar, ex-Legion Massacre), then completed by Simone Esperti (bass, ex-Murder Therapy, ex-The Burning Dogma) and Alessandro Cupici (drums, Eonia Rise, Gatecloser) announces the release of Atavism & Dying Stars, its second album, via Hellstain Productions.

The Womb of Dreams, the first composition, immediately sets a heavy ritualistic mood before welcoming the first wave of massive riffs, followed by the impressive vocal parts while double kick rages. While some parts are more majestic, the band never forgets its aggressive roots, as on Cycles of Destruction and its abrasive, frantic Old School sound, which still incorporates some clean vocals to walk with screams. The epic tones are perfectly matched by wild accelerations and dissonance on Abyssal God, a heavier, more solemn track which takes advantage of its slowness to place unhealthy touches before accelerating thanks to energetic drums. The band returns to a more hostile range with The Antagonist and its devastating blast, while creating a surprise with its incredibly gentle break before rage expresses itself once again to lead us to An Astral Portrait and its cosmic melodies perfectly adorning a solid base. The numerous vocal parts and other backing vocals also lend this long track an impressive touch, followed by Atavism & Dying Stars, the eponymous track, which lets ominous leads overshadow a thick but sometimes more simplistic and haunting rhythm. The band hugely exploits this contrast within the track, before returning to a more jerky approach for Spectral Enigma and its devastating double kick rolls supporting heavy, dark choruses and some suffocating passages. Heady melodies guide us through the final to The Poison Chalice, a final composition allowing some Pagan influences to punctuate a catchy effective charge before letting the band develop martial sounds to the last note.

Aran Angmar‘s return is all about strength. Whether raw or more melodic, Atavism & Dying Stars‘ riffs are always dark and intense, helped by heavy choirs or majestic elements, creating a truly impressive atmosphere.


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