Review 1771 : Crepitation – Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity – English

Second album for Crepitation!

Since its formation in 2005 in the UK, the band, made up of vocalists Mark Pearce (Amputated, Slob) and Chris Butterworth (Anoxide, Castle of the Winds, Kastrated), bassist Joe Mortimer (Colpocleisis, Awaken the Misogynist, ex-Neuroma), guitarist Ste Moses (Colpocleisis, Exhumation) and drummer Tripy Pijin (Chinsniffer, Horsebastard), has been playing Brutal Death. In 2023, he signed with Vicious Instinct Records and released Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity, his second album.

With its thirty-five minutes and thirteen tracks of pure violence, Crepitation knows exactly what to do to make us shake our heads. Covered in a duet of piercing pig squeal and massive grunts bordering on Grindcore, the combo’s riffs are always effective, combining a few spikes of technicality with lively acceleration and a crushing basis, while reserving a place for traditional vocal samples from the horror world. We can already hear it on the first track, Carcinogenital Space Hopper, which introduces the track before unleashing all its violence, but it also serves to temper outbursts of brutality, as on Methanated Propulsion of Gaseous, where the break is skilfully placed to maximize its effect. The band combines jerky riffs with thicker, heavier parts, such as the opening seconds of Custardized Urethral Vomit Cannon, where the sound literally crushes us before exploding, or the catchy moshpart of Devourification of Skewerised Rot, which lets the musicians return to a simpler, groovy approach before bludgeoning their instruments again. Special mention must go to Barkkake, the penultimate track, whose title obviously made me smile before being swept away by the waves of violence, as well as Superkalifragelisticexpibabyshake, the last composition, whose riffs are as jerky and frantic as its name is… strange. 

If you enjoy mindless violence as much as complex riffs, Crepitation is the band you need. Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity aligns the codes of Brutal Death one by one, while injecting devastating technical parts, making it an excellent choice for brutality lovers.


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