Review 1786 : Pukewraith – Banquet of Scum – English

Pukewraith unveils its debut album.

Created in Canada by multi-instrumentalist Brendan Dean (all instruments/vocals, Fumes, Gutvoid, Wexler’s Prime…), the band released a debut EP in 2021, followed by a split with Intestinal Hex the following year. At the end of 2022, they teamed up with Sewer Rot Records for the release of Banquet of Scum, which came out on vinyl via Blood Harvest a few months later.

Grime Fiend immediately unveils an energetic Old School sound where thick rhythm and cavernous vocals meet sharp lead parts or groovy catchy patterns. The aggressive sound leads into 110 Crushed and its bright bludgeoning tones, complemented by a few more heady harmonics. The rhythm also gives way to a blistering solo before slowing down, before Fleshmaster speeds off again with effective riffs and another crushing moment with ominous leads. The dark tones energize again before Mire Stench takes over, sometimes borrowing from sticky Black/Death to complete his arsenal of raw rhythmic violence. The musician also injects oppressive Doom roots into Cyclone Of Maggots, the following track, enabling him to create a striking contrast with his jerky riffs, as on Cruisin With The Gravesmasher, which lets a wild warlike approach lead the general atmosphere, whether in the bloodiest parts or the driving patterns. Slowness reigns again on Mucklord’s introduction, then riffs accelerate again to reach their full potential and integrate leads while remaining devastating before Sunbound 2097 closes the album with a heavy but very lively and catchy Thrash/Death approach.

Pukewraith knows how to use its Death Metal roots to create effective riffs, but the musician can also integrate other elements to give Banquet of Scum a very aggressive and varied rhythm.


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