Review 1792 : Jag Panzer – The Hallowed – English

Nothing can stop Jag Panzer!

Formed in 1981 in the USA under the name Tyrant, the band changed its name after two demos, then began to make a name for itself in the Heavy Metal sphere before calling it a day in 1988.

In 1993, founders John Tetley (bass), Mark Briody (guitar/keyboards) and Harry Conklin (vocals, Satan’s Host, The Three Tremors, Cloven Hoof, Titan Force) put the project back on track, announcing in 2023 with Rikard Stjernquist (drums) and Ken Rodarte (guitar) the release of The Hallowed, their twelfth album, on the Atomic Fire label.

After an introduction on drums, Bound As One offers us a first fix of 80’s forged Heavy Metal, taking epic leads and motivated high-pitched vocals to couple them with a catchy rhythmic. The band has never changed its recipe, and effectiveness is always there, just like on Prey, which lets an ominous voice lead us to energetic and very unifying jerky riffs, which slow down to become more melodic and melancholy with Ties That Bind, a softer but just as solid track. The heady power ballad lets its melodies slowly float away before giving way to Stronger Than You Know, which returns to pure energy and screaming harmonics, as well as explosive vocal parts. The melodic aspect isn’t totally sidelined in these cutting riffs, leaving plenty of room for bass before Onward We Toil sets its catchy rhythmic pattern, complemented by sometimes sharp cutting leads, which return after a more modern, spooky introduction on Edge Of A Knife, a more rhythmic composition. A few more soaring parts appear on choruses, leading us to Dark Descent and its ominous intro sample, which is quickly overtaken by pure energy thanks to motivating riffs. Leads and vocal parts relay each other to keep the flame burning, before handing over to Weather The Storm and its upbeat tones, which provide a new dynamic, as does Renewed Flame and its motivating ambience, despite a few darker moments. The break reminds us of a jam session, before the album’s longest composition, Last Rites, sets the mood for the occult, with its majestic riffs and final vocal sample.

Jag Panzer breathes Old School Heavy Metal in a way only a few bands can, and every riff is ready to prove it. If you enjoy the sound of the ’80s, you’ll love The Hallowed!


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