Review 1795 : Eleine – We Shall Remain – English

Eleine continues on its path.

Since 2014 in Sweden, the band led by Madeleine « Eleine » Liljestam (vocals, RM Duo) and Rikard Ekberg (guitar/vocals, RM Duo) has gradually made a name for itself in the Symphonic Metal scene. Accompanied by Jesper Sunnhagen (drums, China, Lord of Light) and Filip Stålberg (bass), as well as Victor Jonasson (guitar) on stage, the quartet signs to Atomic Fire for the release of We Shall Remain, their fourth album.

The album opens with Never Forget, a catchy composition which relies on both the waves of double kick and the singer’s expressive voice, sometimes replaced by darker backing vocals or fast leads. We also have some orchestration to make the riffs impressive before Stand By The Flame offers a more warlike and heady atmosphere to welcome the vocal parts, creating an effective mix on which we can already imagine a pit nod. The jolting rhythm leads into the motivating We Are Legion and its epic keyboards, sometimes accompanied by screamed backing vocals to contrast with the more melancholic lead vocals at times. Promise Of Apocalypse continues to darken the atmosphere, reminding us of a more Norwegian apocalypse, before an ominous rhythm kicks in, creating a contrast with the vocalist’s voice’s softness, which becomes more unifying on Blood In Their Eyes, a fairly quiet but catchy track which gets more raw towards the end. Calmness resumes with Vermod, a soaring keyboard interlude, then the band returns to an energetic, Metalcore-influenced rhythm on Through The Mist, but the sound soon becomes heady as the guitars take over in the background. The band keeps its jerky catchy approach with Suffering, a composition which leaves as much room for gentleness on melodious choruses as for more aggressive riffs on the verses, then returns to impressive, majestic sounds with War Das Alles, where martial riffs welcome a strong vocal contrast. The howling break strengthens the following chorus, which eventually leads into We Shall Remain, the final track, which develops mystical tones and powerful lyrical surges on the chorus to close the album.

With this new album, Eleine maintains a catchy dynamic, blending effective riffs and various vocal parts under some majestic orchestrations. We Shall Remain is an easy listen, and will have no trouble convincing fans.


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