Video Premiere: Shadowspawn – Bonesong

SHADOWSPAWN is back with their highly anticipated fourth release, “Blasphemica – Absolution Carved From Flesh”.

The new album from the Danes demonstrates the band’s growth and evolution, while still retaining their signature no-frills-Death-Metal sound.

However, Blasphemica walks the extra mile for the band and pushes the boundaries of their musicality, incorporating elements of groove, darkness, and brutality into a cohesive whole. The album showcases the band’s maturity as songwriters and their ability to craft intricate, yet headbanging-worthy compositions. With ten groovy death metal tracks, set in an abstract lyrical world of steampunk and religious criticism in the pocket, the band visited Tue Madsen at the renowned Antfarm Studios, for drum recording and, later, for mix and mastering, ensuring the best possible sound for their new opus. This will be also Shadowspawn first album with their new drummer Lukas Meier, known from The Petulant and Sacrificial.

Known for their unique blend of groovy and intense soundscapes, Shadowspawn was formed in 2013 by experienced men from the early Danish Death Metal scene, including well-known forces from, among others, Sacrificial, The Petulant and Cinerator. With their distinct approach to the genre, they have carved a path for themselves in the extreme music scene. From the bands emerging, and with three highly praised releases already, Shadowspawn is a well known act in the domestic metal scene, as well as abroad.

Blasphemica – Absolution Carved From Flesh will be released on LP (black vinyl, limited to 300) and digital formats via Emanzipation Productions on October 27th, 2023.

Bue T. Jensen – vocals
Nicolai Cheung – guitars
Oliver Ragnar – guitars
Kelvin Dam – bass
Lukas Meier – drums


Digital single:


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