Review 1857 : Imperial Crystalline Entombment – Ancient Glacial Resurgence – English

Imperial Crystalline Entombment has woken up.

Formed in the USA, the band unveiled its debut album in 2003, then faded out the following year. 

In 2023, Bleak (guitar, Aurora Borealis), IceSickKill (vocals, J.J. Hrubovcak, House by the Cemetary, Divine Rapture, Azure Emote, ex-Monstrosity), Blisserred (bass, Sylvan Realm, Todesbonden, ex-Aurora Borealis) and Mammoth (drums, Hate Eternal, J. J. Hrubovcak, Divine Rapture), rekindles the band which unveils Ancient Glacial Resurgence, released by Debemur Morti Productions.

Into A Frigid Bleak Infinity begins with an Old School sound and a visceral scream that kicks things into high gear, between the devastating double kick and the sharp riffs. The band also integrates some shrilling melodies on more impressive parts, then Eternal Subzero Torment follows with a relatively similar approach, but with more room for heady harmonics in the waves of fury. Some warlike parts are also integrated into the icy charge that slows down to introduce Cataclysmic Glaciation and its hypnotic tones, which end up speeding up again to pour out all their fury. Nordic influences re-emerge on Of Blizzards And Banshees, where aggression sets jerky patterns between two devastating explosions, creating a catchy rhythm that leads into Ravaskeith’s Crystalline Return, a veritable compendium of scathing leads. Heady harmonies temper the most virulent and brutal parts, before integrating with the rapid gusts of Petrified Cadaverous Wastelands, which also offers some majestic passages. The alternating rhythms are once again effective on this track, which ends abruptly enough to give way to Savage Blizzard Stabbings and its wild, jerky patterns, which also incorporate a few howling choruses and ominous sounds on the finale. The band quickly segues into Opening The Arctic Imperial Gates, which doesn’t hesitate to call upon screaming harmonics to complement its solid rhythm and cold melodies, before sticking to the frantic rhythms on Ancient Lords Of White Death and its gentle, soothing soars, which ignite in turn. The album comes to a close with Born To Freeze, a final composition that also mixes murderous passages with ferocious screams and scathing leads, but also an impressive break borrowed from heavy Doom.

Imperial Crystalline Entombment‘s hibernation has enabled them to tame their icy tones once again, and on Ancient Glacial Resurgence they offer us Old School Black Metal that captures the very essence of fury.


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