Review 1916 : State of Deceit – Stalked By Daemons – English

State of Deceit announce their debut album.

After an EP in 2019, the English band comprising Peter Scammell (vocals), Jonathan Russell (guitar), Gareth Jones (guitar), Davide Santini (bass/vocals) and Matthew Toner (drums) unveil Stalked By Daemons in 2023, via Eclipse Records.

The band attacks with Endure My Fate, an energetic first track that leaves as much room for jerky riffs as vocals in the mix, while also revealing sharp harmonics and motivating backing vocals. The solo is easily integrated into the rhythm, which eventually explodes into Demi-God, a track with relatively similar effective patterns that draw on slightly more Old School influences. The sound darkens with Stalked By Daemons, Guarded By Angels and its heavier riffs, which only subside when backing vocals come into play, but which are sure to strengthen again, as on the devastating moshpart. Quietness is the main element when Hate Within begins, but screams soon follow, bringing with them powerful riffs to reinforce the contrast with softer elements before an explosive final, leading to Withered and its virulent leads. The rhythm remains dynamic, allowing melodies to lacerate us from all sides, easily recalling a well-known Swedish band just as on Mark Of The Whale, which constantly places spikes of raw energy in its already catchy riffs. Screaming harmonics are also placed on the break, and are also found on Scorched, a track that will have no trouble uniting live thanks to its simple riffs, easily singable vocal parts and a few more polished leads. Groovy moshparts lead into Suffer, which begins with a soothing melody, but eventually lets all its rage flare up and take control of the composition, before At What Cost? reveals its stirring Nu Metal roots. The album comes to a close with Digital Tattoo, which waits a few moments before revealing its full force and leading us at full speed towards the end of the album.

Inspired by Groove and Thrash, but also by Metalcore and modern Melodic Death, State of Deceit offers effective riffs which will make Stalked By Daemons a good entry point for anyone who likes raw violence.


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