Review 1950 : Zornheym – The Forgotten Inmates – English

A new experiment for Zornheym on The Forgotten Inmates, their new EP.

While Zorn (guitar/bass, Aktiv Dödshjälp, ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Devian), Scucca (guitar/vocals, Encrowned), Bendler (vocals) and Steve Pygmalion (drums, Ghostkid) have already offered us two albums presenting their universe between Black and Symphonic Death Metal, the band decided to acoustically cover four of their tracks.

The claustrophobic, disquieting ambience is immediately apparent on Keep the Devil Away, where Bendler‘s voice is even more demonstrative, leading us through the melodies between lyrical flights and terrifying growls. A few backing vocals add to the rhythmic composition, then Slumber Comes in Time softens the atmosphere with a more Folk approach sung in Swedish, where the vocalist is joined by different voices before unveiling the version of Whom the Night Brings… that the band had offered us during the various lockdowns. A simplified approach to this catchy, heady track, which once again easily seduces us, leaving the chorus echoing in our minds like a harbinger of the end of times. The choirs are just as important in this track as they are in the solemn aspect of Corpus Vile, where the singer remains in the infinite darkness to offer this acapella version thanks to the ghostly voices that accompany him until Garde le Diable Éloigné, the final track and French version of the EP’s first track. The work done on the pronunciation and rhythm of the lyrics is simply impressive.

While I’m generally not very fond of acoustic versions, Zornheym once again manages to captivate me by giving a whole new dimension to four of his flagship tracks on The Forgotten Inmates. Well done!


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