Review 1954 : Empire of Disease – Shadows in the Abyss – English

Empire of Disease unveil their second album.

After a difficult debut in 2015 under the name Nightmare Within, the band changed its name in 2018 and then began work on its first EP, which was released the following year, followed by a debut album in 2021. In 2023, Iban Hernando (drums), Gorka Díez (guitar), Pintxo Wayewta (vocals) and Xabier H Zarraga (bass) sign with XTREEM Music for the release of Shadows in the Abyss, their second album.

The album kicks off with the modern tones of The Valley, which expand until welcoming vocals before becoming more jerky. The few Old School roots blend well with the band’s effective Metalcore influences, as do the solid and sometimes much thicker vocal parts that let loose on the energetic Time For a New Era and its cutting harmonics. The vocalist seems to be putting his skills to the test under the motivating rhythm, and then it’s with Ghost of the Past that the band will get us move our heads, making this short track a continuous charge between regular blast and Thrash Metal-infused riffs. The pace barely slows down for a few seconds before Digging our Graves follows with similar elements of pure aggression, whether in the stirring instrumental or into vocals, and the situation doesn’t improve with The Game, as the musicians seem determined to go full speed ahead on this track. We also have more heady lead parts allowing us to breathe under the surge before it gets heavier, finally giving way to Dark Side of the Soul and its catchy groovy patterns. Harmonics are also more present, especially on the track’s slower part, which leads us after a more explosive finale to From the Depths, which takes off again on a livelier basis to let the various influences express themselves over the energetic rhythm packed with sharp leads. Scum offers a slightly more complex sound supported by light orchestrations, creating more majestic parts, then Shadows in the Abyss, the title track, closes this second album with an effective sound over which the band skilfully places heady leads.

Empire of Disease knows its influences, whether modern or Old School, and mixes them effectively to make Shadows in the Abyss a rhythmic and pleasant album to listen to. Nothing revolutionary, but still solid!


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