Review 1993 : Wrath of Logarius – Necrotic Assimilation – English

Martyr Logarius is dead, long live Wrath of Logarius.

Formed in 2021 in California, the band, made up of Noctifer (vocals), Vastator (guitar), Urath (guitar) and Lord Marco (drums, Six Feet Under, Waking the Cadaver, Sleep Terror, ex-Brain Drill…) signed to Season of Mist in 2023, celebrating their change of identity at the same time, and released Necrotic Assimilation, their first EP.

At The Knighted Throne gradually plunges us into a strange and mysterious universe, where keyboards and other airy sounds blend to create a calm environment before Swarm unveils a devastating Black Metal where screams and blasts combine to create a wave of brutality. Leads also mingle with raw fury, overlaying it with ominous dissonance before creating a catchy jerky rhythm that becomes almost epic towards the end of the track, before giving way to Burning One, which takes advantage of sampled vocals before unleashing its fury. The band uses a few catchy Old School patterns before letting the majestic heady tones emerge, then it’s after a final explosion that I, The Void Dweller allows us to breathe for a few moments in an oppressive atmosphere. Keyboards are once again replaced by guitars on Soul Ascension, which begins in somber quietness before giving way to a haunting and heady rhythm, while saturation and darkness invade the rhythm more and more before setting it ablaze. Melancholy comes to the fore at the track’s end, before being completely crushed by the overpowering blast of Gates, the final track, which combines a high tempo with its usual elements, whether sharp or on the contrary much heavier, letting the vocalist run wild before joining the void.

I’ve just discovered Wrath of Logarius, and the least we can say is that the band is impressive! Necrotic Assimilation‘s insane drumming and chilling atmosphere are sure to get people talking!


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