Review 2004 : Pénitence Onirique – Nature Morte – English

The shadow of Pénitence Onirique looms again.

Formed in 2015 in France by Bellovesos (guitar) and Diviciacos (vocals), the band released a debut album before recruiting members. Now completed by Vorace (guitar), Dimiourgos (bass) and Iendar (drums), as well as Norktünos (guitar) live, the project announces the 2023 release of Nature Morte, its third album, on Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions.

The album opens with Désir‘s majestic keyboards, joined after a long minute by an onslaught of riffs, blasts and screams. The frantic rhythm remains heady, retaining some airy elements beneath the furious drums, before adopting jerky martial patterns that release hypnotic leads for its final, followed by Les mammonites, an as impressive composition as the previous one. Harmonics waste no time in offering intoxicating sonorities beneath waves of pure rage driven by visceral vociferations, then the more haunting break lets the vocalist offer different placements before returning to his frantic pace until Nature morte, the eponymous track, unfurls its melancholy. The riffs are calmer at first, but just as dark, and they inevitably end up exploding again, adopting the contrast between fury and soaring elements, as well as a vocal sample during the heavier moment, before racing back to the gentle Lama Sabachthani, which offers us a soothing instrumental interlude. Je vois Satan tomber comme l’éclair begins calmly enough, but we feel that the storm is approaching, and its overpowering blast carries us irrevocably along to the more languid melodies where clean voice takes over from screams. The track resumes its usual rhythm before giving way to Pharmakos, and its first catchy riffs before the tornado returns, where instruments and screams meet and clash at full speed before pinning us to the ground with piercing leads that continue as the rhythm once again ignites, leading us straight into the first mysterious moments of Les indifferenciés, the final composition. While the pace remains relatively slow and disquieting, the band doesn’t hesitate to play on heaviness and oppression to weave its icy atmosphere, which we revel in throughout the track before gradually letting it disappear into nothingness.

Pénitence Onirique has taken its time to concoct an exceptional album. If you liked their previous productions, Nature Morte will enchant you, skilfully blending frantic rhythms and sumptuous airy touches.


Version Française ?

Interview to come.

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