Review 2007 : Imperialist – Quantum – English

Imperialist celebrates its tenth anniversary with a new EP, Quantum.

It follows the second album by Sergio Soto (guitar/vocals), Bryant Quinones (guitar), Joshua Alvarez (bass) and Rod Quinones (drums), also released on Transcending Obscurity Records.

Gateway, the futuristic introductive sample, reveals ominous sounds that are confirmed with the arrival of Echoed Demise, where Black Metal takes over again to develop abrasive leads between which piercing screams emerge. The relatively Old School mix may come as a surprise, but it suits the hellish ambience the band weaves on its solid energetic basis relatively well, before giving way to Quantum Annexation and its furious melodies packed with complex spikes. Anchored in raw tones, the jerky riffs never falter, barely allowing themselves to slow down as they lead us into the heady Call of Vulcain, which naturally couples blast and slashing rhythm, while leaving plenty of room for the vocalist. The slight echo added to the voice reinforces the track’s mysterious aspect, while Quiescent Terror imbues its riffs with darker, even mystical tones, thanks to icy leads that create an interesting contrast to the ferocious basis, before slowing down to envelop us in a haunting sound, followed by a final acceleration that closes the EP.

Imperialist‘s strength hasn’t wavered in two years. Quantum is short, raw and seizing, blending with an almost occult naturalness every element the band decides to place in its tracks. An excellent EP.


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