Review 2009 : Revulsed – Cerebral Contamination – English

Revulsed‘s comeback is marked by a second album.

Eight years after the first, Jayson Sherlock (drums) and Damien Miriklis (vocals) unveil Cerebral Contamination, with the help of Everlasting Spew Records.

The duo would like to thank Sheldon D’Costa (guitar, Incarnate), who recorded guitar and bass, and Mark Smith (bass), who recently left the band.

The band kicks off with Dawn Of Inhuman Savagery, an introductive sample that leaves growls and riffs in the background until Equitable Sufferance strikes with an immediately thick and effective Old School sound. The jerky riffs and raucous growls make the track extremely aggressive, even during the slightly more complex or lively passages also found on the heavy explosive Asomatous Existence, which often places its sharp harmonics in its frantic rhythm. The composition is perfect for any kind of more or less organized mosh, as is Delusional Servitude, which pours out double kick and violent riffs at full speed, while also offering some darker influences. Beyond The Depths Of The Subconscious is no slouch either, adding tortured leads and danceable patterns to its steamroller, before settling back into an eerie quietude to unveil Perditional Enslavement and its non-existent delicacy, which tramples us with every keystroke, riff and grumble. The musicians’ constant technicality also rages through Nefarious Devourment, another perfect track for warming up or breaking your neck under a devastating sound, which slightly slows down before the final, giving way to Monotheistic Postulation and its groovy catchy patterns. The track is quite short, as is Inconceivable Hallucinations, but both will make you want to violently hit the nearest object before furiously headbanging, then repeat the operation on Deistic Repudiation which won’t offer us any more respite. The solo and the break give the band the opportunity to slow down and become incredibly oppressive, then it’s with Cerebral Contamination, a very short but effective track, that the band brings the album to a close without ever breaking away from this continuous and above all complex violence.

Revulsed has kept its recipe for ultra-violence intact, while combining it with technical skill on Cerebral Contamination, an album that respects the strength of Old School sounds to the letter.


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