Review 2013 : Funeral Vomit – Monumental Putrescence – English

Funeral Vomit is ready to unleash its debut album, Monumental Putrescence.

Formed in Colombia in 2020 by O. Vomit (guitar/vocals), J. Incinerator (drums) and H. Mortum (bass), the band recruited Y. Crucifixor (guitar) before signing to Xtreem Music to finalize their album.

Intro (The Entombment) immediately lays the foundations for a pervasive darkness complemented by eerie vocals, before Immense Morbidity unveils greasy Old School riffs, joined by screaming leads and infernal vociferations. The mix remains thick and aggressive at all times, even when the tempo slows down to place cutting harmonics, as on The Mortuary Moon, where the slow heavy tones rampage through the first part of the track. The band offers up a few furious energetic eruptions before letting a worrying melancholy lead us into Spectral Parasite, a track where jerky riffs pile up to create a veritable ocean of violence under an incredibly dirty mix, then blast imposes a frantic rhythm with Cadaveric Apparition. The composition is pure aggression, but it calms down with the final, followed by Interlude (Towards the Abysmal Doom), where sounds repelling the introduction appear before being ignited by Monumental Putrescence, the eponymous track, which spreads a haunting sound haunted by cavernous howls. A morbid acceleration appears towards the middle of the track, borrowing from wilder Thrash influences, then the sound fades out to let the short but massive Necromantical Winds reveal abrasive, frenetic Death/Grind roots before Swarming Pestilence, a nearly six-minute composition, comes to crush us. The morbid apathetic riffs are a perfect match for the band’s musical personality, which occasionally lets drums place its double kick while keeping the oppressive atmosphere, before abandoning us on the dark Outro (The Sinister Mist) to close the album as it began.

Funeral Vomit‘s sound is a mixture of heavy Death/Doom, a dripping Old School mix, a nightmarish slowness and lively accelerations. Monumental Putrescence’s length is regrettable, though, as it’s a good album that’s quickly swallowed up.


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