Review 2037 : Krvna – The Rhythmus of Death Eternal – English

Follow Krvna‘s lament.

Since its creation in 2021 by Australian musician Krvna Vatra Smrt (Dearthe, Pestilential Shadows), the project has already released one demo and two albums. In 2024, it announces the release of The Rhythmus of Death Eternal, its new EP, on Zazen Sounds and Third Eye Temple.

Endless Monument opens its doors with a melancholic introduction that gradually strengthens before bursting into flames with a startling howl. Waves of darkness immediately overwhelm us with their dissonance, complemented by a ferocious blast, mystical leads and hellish vociferations that nevertheless give way to an extremely melodious solo. The rhythm leads into A God’s Work, a more haunting track that takes a relatively similar gradual approach to let the suffocating rhythm captivate us, aided by a rumbling bass. The solo marks a change in the riffs, which become more luminous while remaining majestic, then it’s with What Great Lengths that the atmosphere once again becomes more threatening, letting macabre tones develop before revealing all their aggressiveness. The rhythm slows down to let the guitar howl, and then the track lives out its final moments with Doom influences.

Two cover versions follow these three new compositions, Abigor‘s As Astral Images Darken Reality and Bathory‘s Man of Iron. Although both have their own distinct personalities, Krvna manages to impose his own touch, retaining both the visceral fury of the former and the epic martial tones of the latter.

Although very young, Krvna already possesses a distinctive sound and a powerful touch. The Rhythmus of Death Eternal comes out of nowhere, but already marks the year with its intense darkness and chilling riffs.


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