Review 2043 : Cariosus – Will Until Beauty – English

Cariosus finally release their debut album.

Ten years and two EPs later, Alex Pfister (vocals/bass) and Adam Zlotorzycki (guitar) announce the release of Will, Until Beauty.

The band kicks off with The Narrow Path, which immediately reveals the band’s Deathcore roots, from aggressive riffs to beastly screams. A few more melodic leads come in between the continuous moshparts, then Saturn Returns relaunches the assault with heavy, jerky sounds that look very promising for future live performances. Melodic Death influences are nonetheless present in the harmonics to soften the composition, which gives way to the vindictive Apollo’s Lament and its intense introduction before the unleashed rhythm. Visceral vocal parts integrate perfectly with the most heart-rending passages, before How the Flesh Knows lets heaviness and dissonance suffocate us, to better unleash its massive riffs at full speed. A few slower passages confirm the oppression that comes to life again on the haunting introduction to What Must be Done, followed by a surge of raw violence led by a solid blast occasionally replaced by a massive double kick. The devastating moshpart populated by savage growls is followed by a more melodious final, and then by All Too Human, which first presents us with a few soothing notes and Prog touches before giving way to a wave of rage. Some more haunting elements contrast the sound, which ends in fury, then darkens with Sword of Damocles, which adopts fierce Hardcore influences to match its jerky riffs. The album comes to a close with Heaven’s Portent, the album’s longest composition, offering a veritable frenzied surge where the vocalist screams at the top of his lungs, only interrupted by the more ethereal final.

Cariosus‘ Deathcore roots allow them to spread impressive riffs and an assumed ferocity, while including some much more melodious elements. Will Until Beauty has been a long time coming, but the album is a resounding success.


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