Review 2063 : Vægtløs – Aftryk – English

You may not be familiar with Vægtløs, as I was before this album.

Entitled Aftryk, it was composed by Frederik Højlund (guitar), Jeppe Nørgaard (bass), Tobias Aske Heltborg (drums) and Troels H. Sørensen (vocals), before being released in 2024 in various formats via 46 labels.

Ingenting Kan Forhindre At Små Struber Skælver En Forårsnat begins with a soft melancholic tone, complemented by a few spoken words. Desperate cries join the mix, which eventually flares up to become much more oppressive and dark, pouring out a near-continuous stream of virulent emotions that breaks off and gradually picks up again, accompanying us in its hellish rhythm. The final’s quietude finally returns to saturation on Først da vi bar din kiste, gik det op for mig, hvor meget tungt du skulle igennem, før du blev så let, a composition with such a burdening title that adopts Black Metal elements to give added weight to its rhythm. Post roots are unleashed before becoming much more soothing on the break, but they return to their usual throbbing fury as they become even heavier before giving way to Her I Vores Hjerter Bærer Vi En Ny Verden, whose sound is far from its name’s optimistic tone. The slow riffs’ suffocating tones progressively keep the gloomy veil before our eyes even during the more stripped-down passage at the middle of the composition, then they flare up again to carry us with a bang to Tag dit knuste hjerte og lav det til kunst and its serene introduction. The musicians take it in turns to join in the dance, letting the rhythm section offer a few airy touches before finally sinking into this visceral yet heady rage, from which screams emerge regularly until the chaotic final.

With Aftryk, Vægtløs takes the shape of a river. Often extremely agitated, the album also has a few calmer passages, reinforcing both its incredible contrast and, above all, its raw strength. It has quickly become a must-have for me.


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