Review 2141 : MNHG – Necare – English

MNHG does it again!

Three years after their first production, the German band formed by K. (bass/vocals, ex-Thyrgrim), N. (guitar/vocals, ex-Thyrgrim, live for Mallevs Maleficarvm), J. (guitar, ex-Thyrgrim) and R. (drums) unveil in 2024 Necare, still in collaboration with Immortal Frost Productions.

The band attacks with the Old School but catchy sound of The First Sacrifice, where groovy riffs and dissonant harmonics serve as the basis for powerful vociferations, sometimes complemented by less saturated vocals. Piercing ominous leads are naturally added to the mix before joining Fratricide and its more aggressive cutting Thrash influences, which the band skilfully uses to give relief to its jerky rhythmics. Agony and Pain begins much more slowly, with a melancholic bass but the other instruments energize it and make it more disturbing at times, then The Fall of Wormwood offers a much more accessible sound, coupled with the usual tortured screams and furious accelerations. The sound turns colder with the obvious Norwegian roots of Lucifer’s Claim, a track where airy leads are integrated into an impressive basis, perfectly suited to the intense vocal parts, but the band regains its ardor on The Devil Eyes, letting its liveliest patterns express themselves fully and making our skulls nod. Dying Faith follows with a unifying introduction, followed by heady and sometimes scathing harmonics that fuel the contrast between the different elements, then Blessed by My Hand turns into a true warlike march where the vocalist pours his hatred out, completed by a few choirs and strident guitars. The sound slowly fades away before returning at full speed on Far From Home, the final composition, which gradually builds up the haunting atmosphere, hypnotizing us until its final moments.

MNHG is one of this year’s excellent discoveries. Necare doesn’t just string together catchy riffs, the album develops a real coldness that is felt more and more right up to its climax.


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