Review 1029 : Crisix – Speed Metal Kitchen of Doom – English

It seems that their Pizza EP, released at the end of 2021, gave Crisix some ideas to stay on the forefront of the scene with a cook book instead of a music release!

And as strange as it can be, Julián Baz (vocals), Albert Requena (guitar), Marc Busqué « Busi » (guitar), Javi Carrión (drums) and Pla Vinseiro (bass) stayed very serious when they made it! Put your apron on, and be ready to mosh… to eat!

The book begins with this simple sentence: “This book is dedicated to all those who eat”. They set the pace, and there will be no exception to this rule from beginning to end. Whether you’re carnivorous, omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, the band achieved a selection in which everybody can find something interesting.

Since 2011 (or 2008 under the name of Crysis), the band has crossed worldwide stages, with more than 200 shows throughout the world. They obviously roam Spanish stages, allowing them to develop a true and quite complete portrait of their country’s gastronomy, but musicians also played into close countries, like France, Germany, Portugal, Italy or Belgium, as well as more distant lands, like the United States, Japan or Latin America. And those trips inspired them, as they tasted local food between two shows of an angry Thrash Metal.

If it became obvious, as their last EP implies, that the band enjoys pizza, they keep in mind some typical dishes from those countries, before reminding us that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Javi’s recipes are mainly hearty. Whether it is Speed Metal Carbonara, le Punk Dog, la Salad for the poor or the Javi’s potatoes, we know the drummer wants something to fill his stomach for a while, allowing him to spread its blast at every moment. But he also introduces us to the tours’ real face, with the DIY Macaroni cheese from the microwave or the Tacos disaster, some more simple recipes which involve our primary survival reflexes. And that’s also something we enjoy.

With Julián’s choices, we notice the singer loves a lot spices, explosive flavors, but also that he is vegetarian. Whether the Black Waldi Vivaldi vegetarian bean burger and the Volcano Face Pizza immediately caught my attention, I also loved the Pesto pesta for thrash fiesta, the Rice Then Rest as well as the Night of the Living Cauliflowers, some as effective as thoughtful recipes, allowing to exploit diversified tastes, wonderful wordplays and above all convenient ideas.

Towards Albert “Req”, we explore meat and its flavors. Whether the Ham Freak-a- Burg original slam, the Sandwich with Fuet and Catalan satanic goat cheese or the le Schnitzel with Jamon, Iberico pork and Alt Urgell y la Cerdanya cheese remind us some known tastes, the Croquette Mama Montserrat and the Esqueixada a salted cod salad asylum will make us discover original, explosive and above all associations, just like the guitarist’s riffs.

For Marc “BB”, we’re going to vegan diet and its worked flavors to unveil more complex recipes. Whether the Insane Falafel wrestling and the Hummus epicus metallicus obviously tickled my curiosity, I also loved the Thrash onion Frittata, the Milk and Cookies breakfast, the insane Kung Fu Turron and the Vegan Wacken Freak-a-dellen, which easily accommodate known and loved meals to the guitarist’s diet, allowing us to enjoy well-known culinary specialties.

The last to suggest its recipes is Pia, the band’s bass player. For this last set of recipes, the musician unveils secrets like the Fried Egg with greasy Bacon Blues toast, the Millo pizza with Galician octopus and Arzúa cheese or even the Pla’s recipe for Pork Loin with apples and chestnuts, melting complexity with raw effectiveness. But we also notice that some classical stuff, like the Vietnamese Pogo Riot or the Mosh burger are part of its picks, and once again I highly agree.

Crisix loves to travel, and we can feel it. With their Speed Metal Kitchen of Doom, the band obviously offers us an original, fun and seizing cookbook, but also some recipes from the whole world, which will for sure be eye or taste buds catching!

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